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Coconut Chicken Steamboat- Legendary Awful~!

bought a deal coupon and went to this place to eat last night...

was a disaster...

the food is not nice at all...

the chicken was so bony and lack of meat due to the cuts...

the so called coconut soup - totally tasteless...

please dun visit....damn lousy

Hope to raise awareness as i tried to search reviews but cannot find.


Condiments - they claim that the soya sauce is homemade


Bony Chicken parts



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Review Of The New Spiced Butter Teppanyaki~!

The packaging
Nothing much, just a box and some repeated (recycled) design.

The bun
They used a white/black sesame instead of the regular white sesame to give a wholesome feel.

The meat/sauce/condiments
This time round, they ditch the veggie and replaced it with onion, fried with butter/spices to give it the oomph feeling.

The meat is grilled to perfection but there will be times where u will find it to chew it off.

the cheese was added to enhance and u will find different layers of taste.

But it definitely lack the butter and spicy taste.

The total taste
Similar to the mos teriyaki burger, this burger is gentle as compared to Mcspicy. It is not at all spicy and is very much adored by children.
I would think of it as a upsized mos butger instead. But still i prefer Mcspicy as the tingling effect packed more punch than manny pajiao....

Rating:3.456/5 (try it for their marketing effort)


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Hot Pot @ NEX

The spot where the japan sashimi was, had a change of hands and now the taiwan hotpot took over.

The queue was suggesting as people waited patiently for their turn.

I took a glance at the menu as well as people who collected the food and was attracted to the amount of ingredient they gave.

The soup was milky and there was a huge amount of mushroom and veggies.

The taste resemble that of a ramen and I suspected that pork bone was used.

The pot stand could have been more stable as there were times the pot shifted and we were afraid it might topple.

Definitely a must try if you happen to visit the food court.


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